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Students are sometimes encouraged to handle their dissertation in smaller portion due to its voluminous nature. At perfectessaywritings.com we present our clients with the option of ordering their dissertation, thesis, or proposal in chapters to ensure they track the progress of the paper. Clients are assured that the whole dissertation paper will be handled by the same writer so that there is consistency and high quality. The chapters will include and not limited to Executive Summary, Abstract, Introduction Chapter, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendation.


The Abstract is a brief summary of what is given in the whole dissertation; despite it being short it is very significant to the reader as it gives an overview of what is contained in the essay. An abstract may give headache to the student especially due to fact that they must summarize the many pages of the dissertation into one. At perfectessaywritings.com the students can relax as we will give an excellent abstract with a clear and concise view of the dissertation, giving thesis statement, purpose, and findings of the research.

Introduction Chapter

A dissertation requires the best and informed introduction so as to prepare the reader to clearly understand what is studied. Indeed, it gives the groundwork and basis for the rest of the research and hence is vital to convince the reader to go on. Our writers at perfectessaywritings.com clearly understand the need for this chapter and will provide an excellent piece. They will indicate a clear and concise thesis statement and provide a detailed background of the study and ensure the aims, objectives, purpose and hypothesis of the study are well elaborated so that the reader can understand the research.

Literature Review

Every study must examine what other scholars have done in that topic; this gives the researcher the basis to verify and validate the thesis to be handled. Writers at perfectessaywritings.com have a clear understanding of this chapter and will ensure they provide an excellent literature review chapter that fulfils the client’s requirements. Our writers have handled numerous topics and thus there is no topic that is too hard for them since they are professionals in their field. The literature reviewed will ensure the reader understands the topics since the writer simplifies details in a professional tone.


The methodology chapter is the most important chapter in the whole project. The process at which it is handled will make the chapter work for the thesis or otherwise fail. This is one of the briefest chapters that actually go directly to the point. Before starting to write this chapter, review the problems at hand that the thesis project deems to solve. The analysis should be precise and to the point. The writer should have identified in the introductory paragraph if the thesis will involve quantitative or a qualitative study. For the latter, a detailed description of the exact location geographically upon which the study will be administered should be given. The nature of the participating population should also be addressed here. On the other hand, when dealing with a qualitative study, the purpose of doing the study should be given an upper hand. Such kinds of studies usually involve less population sizes as long as they prove to answer the main problem of the thesis project. The independent and dependent, variables should be spelt out. The main research questions are to be formulated. For the best thesis, it is advisable to rotate around three major questions based on the research problem. This allows for ease and understanding. Next, the methodology writer should give a description of how the research will be conducted. This includes the selection of the data collection method to be used and an explanation of the data collection procedures like the origins of the procedure and how the method will be validated. All handled in different paragraphs. It should be noted that every data collection method selected should come with a justification as to why they are the best choices. The way data was composed in the study should be described. Next is the analysis of the data collected. It should be detailed and clear for anyone. The writer should then include all the ethical considerations put in place in the process of the data collection procedure. The data should also show that it will be valid for the said purpose with a statement from the writer. Lastly, a summary of the whole chapter should be given. Ordering at perfectessaywritings.com guarantees a perfect and high quality methodology chapter; Order a Methodology Chapter now at perfectessaywritings.com and enjoy the best experience ever. You will get high grade dissertation papers at affordable prices. Indeed, no dissertation topic is too difficult for our writers to handle; they are highly experienced in every chapter presented. Order with us and understand why we at perfectessaywritings.com are the best in this industry. More on dissertation